Speak Your Mind is a young, completely independent organisation.
Everyone involved is directly in touch with the day-to-day realities of teaching English
and have a lot of their heads and much of their hearts in the classroom

Now a major point of reference in the English teaching scene, the story begins back in 1988 when Monica Moro and Iain McInally decided to set up a school in the centre of Verona: a school that would set itself apart, a school with innovative standards of service which would represent a real alternative to conventional English courses.
The school started life as the Callan School, named after the well-known school in London where Iain had been assistant director and Monica had worked in reception. Thanks to their enthusiasm and energy the new school in Verona quickly grew but soon it became evident that these qualities could only take them so far. “Even 25 years ago there was clearly the need for an alternative teaching method,” explains Iain. “All the different teaching approaches had strong points, but they were all unbalanced – nothing seemed to meet the real needs and circumstances of the typical people who needed to learn to speak English – and didn’t have much time to do so.” And so began a long process of trial and development towards what would soon become a Speak Your Mind.

“What we were doing 25 years ago was very different from all the other established schools: small classes, giving people the chance to try the course, not tying students into contracts – the other schools thought we would close within a year”. And in those first years Iain started developing the methodology and writing the material that would soon become Speak Your Mind – a project that has grown and continues to this day.

Monica and Iain’s gamble paid off. The success and reputation of the school continued to build and 2003 saw the opening of second school in San Giovanni Lupatoto.

And the story continues: “After 25 years the energy is still there and our commitment and enthusiasm are just as high. On top of that we have experience and a great team behind us. For us it’s always been essential to create an English school we can be proud of – a place where people are happy to come, both to study and to work.”
Have they been able to achieve this? With a very high re-enrolment rate from both students and from company clients as well as the sustained high rate of word-of-mouth enrolments, we can be confident that the answer is “yes”.

Oh — and talking of the method. Speak Your Mind keeps moving on with constant development and updating. Over the last few years word has spread and there are now 20 schools around the world using Speak Your Mind in 8 countries.

Speak Your Mind– the Advantages:

Quality of service – transparent and flexible
At the Speak Your Mind school the student is at the centre of our attention: the chance to try the course before confirming enrolment, the freedom to decide how long to study without any kind of contract — these are your guarantees of our commitment.

Quality of method 

Speak Your Mind is an exclusive method which stands out for its intuitive style combined with concrete results.  Born here in Verona and tried and tested over 20 years here and worldwide.

Quality of teaching
Selected for their professional and personal qualities: beyond their recognised teaching qualifications, all teachers undergo specific training programmes for Speak Your Mind.

Quality in course management
Comprehensive course monitoring and management procedures ensure optimal progress for all courses.

These are the main reasons for the convinced thousands of Veronese people to learn English with us.

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