“No students are left out, all is fair”

Group courses

At Speak Your Mind we can provide a course for you whatever your needs. With a wide range of group courses at every level from beginner to advanced, you will be sure to find the best possible group at your level and at the most appropriate speed of learning. New groups start throughout the year allowing you maximum flexibility.

The first step is the Placement Test – a comprehensive check-up to find your level and the ‘state of health’ of your English. The Placement Test is spoken and written and takes around 40 minutes in all. It’s an individual test – and there is no commitment to enrol. Please call to book.

Four trial lessons

At the Speak Your Mind School you’ll find complete transparency — you are free to begin your course and confirm enrolment after your fourth lesson. This way you can really see for yourself just how different Speak Your Mind lessons are – and how well they work for you.


Courses start all year round – you have the freedom to choose when to start and to choose the time of day that suits you best. And you are free to decide for yourself how long you study – some people choose to keep learning for years, some just have time for a single month. With no written contracts, you can pay month-by-month or every three months – the choice is yours.

Small groups

All groups have a minimum of three and a maximum of six and are carefully selected according to level and speed of learning. Working in small, graded groups assures a high level of active engagement throughout the entire lesson – and that everyone makes progress at the ideal pace.


It’s been proven by that when you learn a foreign language it is more important to have frequent contacts than to have long single contacts. Learning becomes easier, progress becomes tangible and learning times can be shortened. At Speak Your Mind lessons last 50 minutes – for top concentration – with the option of the tried and tested three times a week, or we also offer most levels with a two-lesson-a-week option.