Speak Your Mind: seriously fun

  • learning a language can be complicated: we aim to make it as simple as possible
  • Learning a language can often be boring: we try to make it as enjoyable as possible
  • Learning a language is often a long process: we want to make it as quick as possible


Talented teachers working with a proven method. Speak Your Mind is a practical and efficient learning programme for all those who want to learn English seriously. It’s a method that is designed to appeal — for the results and for the style of the lessons: dynamic, personal and with real substance. If you want to feel at ease in a new language you need lots of practice and Speak Your Mind lessons are rich in English with the emphasis firmly on conversation.



Real English

Always and only with native English-speaking teachers, the lesson draws you in to a series of mini-conversations which give you continual chances to learn and practice new words and new grammatical structures in context. The teacher is always there to guide you try out new language in conversation – the teacher encourages and corrects your mistakes.

Complete English

Listen, speak, read and write — this is the natural order in the language learning process and this represents the priorities in class. While the focus is on speaking, each lesson provides space for a variety of reading or writing activities – this prepares you for English in your place of work or for your place of study.
The complete Speak Your Mind course follows a carefully designed programme which ensures that lesson after lesson you can see the progress you make in English. You learn more every day, just as your sense of confidence grows week after week.


Studying something today doesn’t mean you will know it tomorrow or in two months’ time. ‘Use it or loseit’ – with Speak Your Mind each lesson recalls the new words and grammar from the lessons that havecome before. This ‘frequency       of use’ gets your memory working and helps you improve your fluency andspontaneity lesson-after-lesson.


The complete Speak Your Mind course follows a carefully designed programme which ensures that lessonafter lesson you can see the progress you make in English. You learn more every day, just as your sense of confidence grows week after week.


Another great advantage? Speak Your Mind is designed to work in difficult circumstances – regularrecycling of language means that you really do learn in class, even for people who can’t dedicate time to self-study at home.

More English — less time

it’s a well-known fact — learning a new language as an adult is not a simple task. However thanks to thedesign of the learning programme and the organisation of lessons, learning times can be considerablyreduced. Just to give you an example, on average beginner reaches European level A2 in 100 hourscompared to the 200 hours that aren’t normally considered necessary (see Certification).


Jack doesn’t speak like John or the businessman or waiter in the West End, that’s why teachers work as a
team. Every course is followed by a team of teachers – this way you have the advantage of getting used to
interacting with people with different pronunciations and personalities – and still have the benefit of a
single teaching programme.


It’s an energetic, dynamic lesson — it’s impossible to get bored. There is the right balance between speaking and reading, between consolidating what you know and moving forward to learn new things – the right balance between working hard and having fun.


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Speak Your Mind Student Books provide comprehensive explanations of vocabulary and grammar


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